Date: 7th October 2000

Brad Marks Jen's Territory

Hollywood sex god BRAD PITT is making sure nobody mistakes him for a single man now - emblazoning his new wife's name across his underwear.

The SEVEN star is already wearing his wife's name on his necklace, turning up to last month's (SEP00) EMMY awards with her name spelled out in beads around his neck.

But according to America's THE STAR magazine, Brad's now gone below the belt with his commitment - marking his boxers and briefs for all to see.

An insider says, "Brad's got a pair of custom-made boxer shorts with the words 'Jen's man' in rhinestones across the front, along with sexy briefs embroidered with his bride's name all around the waistband. "It's no surprise that Jennifer finds the personalized undies a turn on."


Source: WENN



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