Date: 27th July 2001

Jennifer Aniston Caught In Gay Scandal

BRAD PITT is raging at wife JENNIFER ANISTON over her steamy lesbian love scenes - just as the golden couple celebrated their first anniversary.

Since their wedding 12 months ago (JUL00), Jennifer has shaken up her squeaky-clean image with three hot and heavy gay kisses onscreen. Her first was with actress WINONA RYDER on FRIENDS.

Her second was with lesbian rocker MELISSA ETHERIDGE's girlfriend TAMMY LYNN MICHAELS in a music video. And she's got a third one with a girl in a new movie coming out. A friend of the hunky SE7EN (1995) star's says,

"Brad never dreamed she'd be doing work like this, he thought he'd married the perfect girl next door. " (NFA/WNWSMG)

Source: WENN



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