Date: 27th October 2000

Joaquin Phoenix Is A Maniac For The Camera

Quiet GLADIATOR actor JOAQUIN PHOENIX is a maniac for work, acting in three movies back to back in the last 18 months.

He says that he loves the pressure of making movies but hates rehearsing. "When you roll that ******* camera it's magic. I'm gone and can't be held accountable. I'm a maniac for work. When I've got nothing to do I go a bit kooky. I just stay at home and swim and read scripts and play backgammon."

But he adds, "I've worked a lot this and last year,three in a row. I pushed myself physically and emotionally with just a week off between pictures, so I guess I need a bit of resting. But what I'd like now is a really big,stupid comedy where all I do is laugh. I feel that lying somewhere inside is a ley line of comedy waiting to be tapped."


Source: WENN