Date: 20th October 2000

McGregor's Rock 'N' Roll Skills Questioned

TRAINSPOTTING star EWAN McGREGOR is set to play British music legend BILLY FURY in a movie about the rocker's life - but Fury's mother is doubtful the star can sing like her son.

JEAN WYCHERLY, 80, has given the Scottish heart throb her blessing to play her famous dead son in the film HALFWAY TO PARADISE - but thinks that McGregor's voice should be dubbed over, for better authenticity.

She says, "Singing runs in our family. We're all singers and Ewan isn't a singer as such. "He'll have to get some of Billy's CDs and listen to them." Fury's brother, JASON EDDY, backed up her concerns, adding, "I don't know if Ewan will be able to match Billy's voice. "They should either dub Billy's voice or dub my voice on to it. I'm happy to do that, but I haven't been asked."

Jean continues, "I don't know too much about Ewan and I've never seen any of his films. But I am sure he is a good actor who'll be able to change his voice to suit." The proud mother goes on to say, "Billy was very good-looking with blonde hair and blue eyes. That's why a lot of girls used to go for Billy. "He was slim, but had a good physique. With make-up, I'm sure Ewan could be made to look very like him." (NF/WNTSU/RGS)

Source: WENN