Date: 30th July 2001

Ewan's Wife Laughs Off Nicole

EWAN McGREGOR's wife EVE has had an extreme emotional reaction to reports of an affair between her husband and his MOULIN ROUGE (2001) co- star NICOLE KIDMAN - she can't stop laughing.

French-born set designer Eve, 35, has never had any worries about her marriage, and finds the suggestion that her actor spouse would ever cheat on her "hilarious" - in fact, she says the rumours brightened up her trip to the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL in May (01).

The trusting spouse, who is expecting Ewan's second child in October (01), says, "I can't usually read the papers, but I did in Cannes. I got a text message from a friend. It said, 'I have read all the papers. I am so sorry. ' I was like, sorry for what? I thought it was funny. It was so mad. I mean, I am going to start worrying that Ewan has had an affair with Nicole Kidman?"

However, Eve admits she has had one bout of insecurity during the pair's five year marriage - when her movie star hubby was filming his breakthrough role as RENTON in TRAINSPOTTING (1996).

She says, "I was pregnant with CLARA, and Ewan had a sex scene with KELLY MACDONALD, who's delightful. I was putting on all this weight. Maybe it was my hormones, but it took me until after the birth of Clara not to tremble when I saw her. That is the only time I have ever felt jealous. " (KW/WNTRE/NFA)

Source: WENN



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