Date: 10th October 2000

Liz Hurley Facing Uneasy Future In Hollywood

ELIZABETH HURLEY is facing the possibility of a very lonely movie career - if she is thrown out of America's SCREEN ACTORS GUILD (SAG).

The British AUSTIN POWERS star has angered the actors' union after appearing in an advertisement for ESTEE LAUDER while the union was undergoing well-publicised strikes against the commercial industry over their pay structure.

Reports are now suggesting Hurley will become the first person ever to be kicked out of the massive union for not supporting its action - a move which could have major consequences on her future career. Hurley's excuse for the upset was that she had no idea the strikes were taking place.

Spokesperson for SAG, GREG KRIZMAN says, "If anyone was banned then SAG members would more than likely not talk to them, they would be ignored. "The major studios only hire SAG employees so it could be highly embarrassing for the individual.

As far as whether the studio executives would talk to the individual then that would have to be their decision. "Miss Hurley will be going to trial after the strike has finished. No one has ever been expelled for this reason before." The move has become an embarrassment for Hurley - especially considering most of Hollywood is now jumping on the strike bandwagon by donating large amounts of money to support the striking actors. (MB/WN/RGS)

Source: WENN