Date: 12th September 2001

Austin Powers to Kill Off Heather Grahem

Sexy HEATHER GRAHAM would love to appear in the new AUSTIN POWERS film - as long as she can die in an interesting way. The BOOGIE NIGHTS (1997) babe is expected to make a cameo appearance in AUSTIN POWERS 3: GOLDMEMBER, but her character, FELICITY SHAGWELL, will not be the spy's main love interest.

She hopes MIKE MYERS does not decide to get rid of her character the same way he did ELIZABETH HURLEY's. She says, "I said as long as they don't blow me up, I'm interested in showing up again. Hopefully I can go out in some flashy fun way. I'm not going to perish. I'm not going back to it if it means perishing. " (NFA/WNWCAN)

Source: WENN