Date: 7th October 2000

Scouse Accent Trouble For Robert

FULL MONTY star ROBERT CARLYLE has got to grips with a Liverpool accent by watching British comic HARRY ENFIELD's hit TV show.

The Scottish actor is in the northern English city filming the blockbuster 51ST STATE with Hollywood star SAMUEL L JACKSON.

And although Carlyle first shot to fame playing a Liverpudlian in British TV show CRACKER in the 1990s, he's forgotten everything he learned then.

He says, "It's seven years since I played ALBIE, so my accent needed brushing up. "I wasn't very happy with the way I spoke it before, so I wanted to make sure I had it just right for the film." An insider adds, "He's been watching a stack of videos with Scousers in, even Harry Enfield's brothers with all their comic catchphrases."


Source: WENN