Date: 8th November 2000

How To Turn A Hit Movie Into A Hit Stage Show

Lindsay Law, lead producer of the musical version of The Full Monty, which has become the hottest ticket on Broadway, has told the New York Post that the challenge was to reinvent the movie for the stage.

In an interview appearing in today's (Wednesday) "Page Six" column, Law remarked: "The lesson is not to duplicate every scene in the movie, especially the ones that work wonderfully, because you have different tools in a movie to tell your story than you do in a musical." With many Broadway-bound musicals now being covered by New York newspapers during out-of-town tryouts, Law says, the producers decided to stage their tryout in San Diego. "We opened the week of the Tony Awards, so nobody was paying any attention to us," Law said, "which is exactly what you want when you're out of town."

Source: Studio Briefing