Date: 11th May 2005

Russell advises Prince Harry

Russell Crowe has revealed he's been advising Prince Harry.

The pair have become pen pals and Russell believes they have a lot in common reports The Sun.

Russell said: "If you've never been unfairly tried by the media, your personality diminished, your intellect rubbished and your achievements torn apart and belittled then you don't know what it's like."

Russell says he believes there was nothing wrong with Harry wearing a Nazi uniform to a friend's birthday.

He said: "It was a private party and he should be able to dress up in any way he likes."

Russell first made contact with Harry after he received a letter.

He said: "Harry wrote to me a while back so I do know the calibre of the bloke. He'd been invited to my film Master And Commander and couldn't make it. He apologised but said he's seen the movie and loved it."

Source: Press Release