Date: 1st August 2003

Actress enjoyed hitting Arnie

Kristanna Loken says the main perk acting in Terminator 3 was being allowed to hit Arnold Schwarzenegger.

She says it was a feeling of empowerment, according to the Berliner Zeitung.

"He has this incredible energy that I also drew upon."

But the actress says she always kept in mind the money it cost to hire Schwarzenegger.

"I was always thinking: 30 million dollars, don't hit him in the face, Kristanna. Not in the face."

The actress, who gained 14 pound of muscle for the movie, says the only thing that scares her these days is being late.

"Oversleeping and getting to work late, that's what I'm really scared of."

And Loken she says she doesn't consider herself an action movie star.

"It was nice starting with Terminator 3 because, wherever I go from here, it's bound to be something different."

Source: Press Release