Date: 9th August 2002

Demi Moore - I'm Back

Demi Moore, once a huge star in the 1990's is staging a comeback with an appearance in Charlie's Angels 2 (2003).

Her career took a bit of a downturn following the last films that she was involved in, including Passion of mind and Striptease (1996). At the height of her success after staring in films such as Ghost (1990) and Indecent Proposal (1993) she gained the nick name Gimmie Moore due to her extravagant demands and huge salaries.

How much she will be paid for her small role in Charlie's Angels 2 (2003) is unknown, but co-star Cameron Diaz is reported to be getting $20 million, making her only the second actress, after Julia Roberts, to reach that sum. So it seems the $92 million budget for the first installment will be increased for the sequel.

All three lead female roles will be played by the same actresses; Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy liu, but missing this time are Bill Murray and Tom Green, not surprising due to his recent split from Drew.

Expect to see the Angels returning in the Summer next year.

Source: Press Release