Date: 19th April 2001

Demi Moore Loves Showing Off Her Body

DEMI MOORE, SHARON STONE and PAMELA ANDERSON insist on stripping in their movies even if they don't have to, according to a top film critic.

The Hollywood actresses would still get parts if they kept their clothes on, but they love showing off their sexy bodies, says critic ED HOLLIDAY.

Ed explains, "They think, 'I'm a big star, I have a highly-paid trainer, and I'll show you what I've got!" BRUCE WILLIS's ex was the keenest leading lady to get her kit off for roles in STRIPTEASE (1996) and G.I JANE (1997)

Ed adds, "She was the world's best-paid actress. There was no need for it. "But she was delighted with her body - and couldn't wait to get her clothes off." (KMW/WNTST/RP)

Source: WENN



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