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Julia RobertsJulia Roberts was born Atlanta, Georgia on October 28 1967. She attended Campbell High school, Smyma., where she grew up.
Her parents divorced in 1972, some five years later Walter Roberts died of cancer, affecting Julia badly.

Coming form a family of actors (her parents met whilst touring military base camps doing drama productions), it seemed inevitable Julia would follow in the acting footsteps of her family, but she aspired to be a veterinary pracitioner. However, subsequently after graduating, Julia joined her sister in New York, to embark on her new chosen career as an actress.

In 1987 Julia landed her first part in a movie Firehouse (1987), but not inspiring luck Julia's brother Eric Roberts, persuaded the director of Blood Red (1988) (which he was acting in), to appoint Julia on the team, with that success Julia's role as Shelby in Steel Magnolias (1989) won her much acclaim and labeled her 'The American Sweetheart', and lauched her career. The rest (as they say) is history1
Julia Roberts married Lyle Lovett (country singer) in 1993, but the marriage ended in 1995, the two are good friends today. Julia currently dates Benjamin Bratt (Miss Congeniality (2000)).


Today, Julia Roberts is one Hollywood's leading ladies.

Changed her name from Julie when she applied for her SAQ card, as another actress was named Julie Roberts!



  • 28th October 1967 - Birth