Date: 3rd August 2001

Demi's Hollywood Step-Down

She was once Hollywood's highest paid actress - but DEMI MOORE is now so broke that she's advertising cars on American television. The sexy STRIPTEASE (1996) star has been performing the voice-overs on commercials for CHEVY cars, and sources say she is in negotiations to pitch more products on TV.

Hollywood sources are stunned that the actress, who once commanded eight-figure fees to star in movies, has been reduced to lending her vocals to car commercials.

A studio source says, "What a monumental comedown. This is a woman who only several years ago was known as GIMMIE MOORE because she had such a massive entourage and made outrageous demands and perks wherever she went. "

It is rumoured that the actress - who was once married to Hollywood hunk BRUCE WILLIS - is so embarrassed about her new career, she's forced the car company to sign a waiver agreeing not to use her name when publicising the vehicles. (IG/WNWCNB/KW)

Source: WENN