Date: 27th May 2001

Kate Beckinsale: Josh Hartnett Is A Gentleman In Bed

KATE BECKINSALE loved making out with JOSH HARTNETT during PEARL HARBOR (2001) - because the 22-year-old was such an attentive lover.

The British beauty has to decide between Hartnett and co-star BEN AFFLECK in the war epic - and admits Hartnett's fake love-making was very considerate.

She says, "Josh was extremely concerned that I was okay and was such a gentleman in terms of covering me up and moving things. "But I've breast-fed in front of my boyfriend's dad. All my shame is gone on that score. It didn't take that long, not to slight him or anything. "

But Beckinsale admits her war underwear wasn't a turn on for anyone. She adds, "
They gave us all period underwear. We had these really tough girdles, it was all very authentic. They were sort of these big floppy knickers. Sometimes we cheated and left them off, but we got our comeuppance, actually. "There was an aerial shot with a helicopter that blew up our skirts that happened to be the day we all went commando. We didn't do that anymore. " (MB/WNWCE/NFA)

Source: WENN



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