Date: 3rd November 2003

Independence Day speech named cheesiest moment

The rousing presidential speech in Hollywood blockbuster Independence Day has been named the cheesiest movie moment of all time.

US audiences may have cheered when Bill Pullman called his countrymen to arms against alien invaders with the stirring words: "Today, we celebrate our Independence Day!"

But it tops a list of cringe-making scenes compiled by movie magazine Empire.

The magazine describes it as "a cornball speech that sounds like Shakespeare rewritten by kindergarteners".

The scene from Top Gun where Val Kilmer's Iceman tells Tom Cruise's Maverick: "You can be my wingman any time" came second.

Third was the climax of '80s favourite The Karate Kid, in which underdog Ralph Macchio snatches championship victory with a few nifty moves.

Empire's Top 10 Cheesiest Moments:

1 Independence Day

2 Top Gun

3 The Karate Kid

4 Four Weddings And A Funeral

5 Pearl Harbour

6 Stepmom

7 The Postman

8 An Officer And A Gentleman

9 Patch Adams

10 Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones

Source: Press Release