Date: 25th May 2001

Nicole Kidman Dates Italian Playboy

NICOLE KIDMAN has found love again - with Italian playboy FABRIZIO MOSCA.

The 37-year-old movie mogul took the Hawaii-born beauty to dinner at a posh eatery on the outskirts of Cannes, France, according to American tabloid THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER.

A friend of the actress says, "Nicole is having fun as a single
woman for the first time in more than a decade, getting on with thebusiness of living life without Tom. Nicole was totally enraptured by the dashing Fabrizio. He has smouldering good looks. In his native Italy he's considered a majorheart-throb. "

Cannes locals say the pair spent lots of time together while she was in the French Riviera promoting her new film MOULIN ROUGE (2001)].

But friends of the actress are concerned Kidman is getting involved with a womaniser, a source says, "Nicole should look out. Fabrizio is a well known ladies man and womaniser in Italy. He's often seen at nightclubs and premieres in Rome with models and actresses. " (MB/NE/ES)

Source: WENN