Date: 25th May 2001

Sizemore: Downey Jr Was back On Drugs The Day He Was Released

TOM SIZEMORE insists his friend ROBERT DOWNEY JnR was back on drugs the day he was released from jail.

Sizemore himself has battled a cocaine and heroin addiction and says only now does he feel he's got his problems under control.

And despite being one of the actors who helped get Downey Jr released from CORCORAN STATE PRISON last year (AUG00), he says he's discovered the moment he got out, he was back on the drugs. He says, "I've been there. I was in bad relationships and I was using crack cocaine and heroin."

"In Hollywood, drugs are just too accessible. That's the big problem for my friend Robert Downey Jr. Poor Robert can't go to a nightclub in L. A. without someone offering him drugs. The day we got him out he was back on drugs. It was all too easy for Robert. He gets out of jail and the next day DAVID KELLEY offers him $500,000 (384,615) to appear on ALLY MCBEAL. He didn't have time to deal with his demons."(SVD/WNWC/ES)

Source: WENN