Date: 29th April 2002

Penn Matchmade Sizemore And Fleiss

Tom Sizemore will be forever grateful to movie star pal Sean Penn - after the Oscar-nominee introduced him to fiancee Heidi Fleiss.

The Saving Private Ryan (1998) star got engaged to the former Hollywood madam last year (2001). Tom says, "Sean introduced me to her in '91. Everybody knew what she was doing. She had the best talent in the city."

The brooding actor explained that two of Heidi's call girls are now household names. He explains, "Two of the girls that worked for her are movie stars now. She was dealing with the richest guys in the world. Very few of her clients were punk-ass actors with a couple of million dollars."

Tom mentions some of his fellow actors as ex-clients of Heidi's business, "Charlie Sheen was a whore-bleeper. He couldn't help himself. Kevin Costner was also a whore-bleeper. Personally I couldn't afford these girls. "

Source: WENN