Date: 14th September 2000

Tim Roth's Move To America Helped Him Face Child Abuse

TIM ROTH felt he was "living life down a dark hole" until he moved to America and was finally able to come to terms with the sexual abuse he was subjected to as a child.

The British actor left his native Britain when politician MARGARET THATCHER was Prime Minister and the left wing actor felt unable to tolerate her government (80s).

Roth is glad he made the decision since he thanks his American friends for helping him to come to terms with his difficult past.

Roth says, "Relationships were really difficult because my sexual vocabulary was given to me by someone who was abusive.

In England I had maybe two fiends my whole life. And I spent the first couple of years here on my own. Even when I was out in public I would sit in the corner by myself. Luckily I met people who would tolerate that. It was so wonderful for someone who had been living down a dark hole."


Source: WENN