Date: 26th September 2002

Bollywood Stealing From Hollywood

Indian filmmakers are being accused of blatantly plagiarizing many of Hollywood's productions in a row that looks set to continue. Variety reports that the upcoming big-budget "Kaante" is receiving a lot of criticism for its similarities to Reservoir Dogs (1992).

"Awara pagana deewana" appears to be based on "The Whole Nine Yards," "Humraaz" is a Hindi version of "A Perfect Murder" and "Mere yaar ki shaadi hai" closely resembles "My Best Friend's Wedding." The list goes on -- for "Shakti," check out "Not Without My Daughter"; for "Raaz," see "What Lies Beneath."

Some Indian filmmakers are also disturbed by the trend of copying from Hollywood, they think that it is wrong to look to Hollywood for inspiration as the amount of originality that comes from there is very small. Some other Indian filmmakers however disagree and think in the same way as Hollywood producers as Vikram Bhatt states, "Films are not about creativity, originality or vision. They're about entertaining audiences across the board. "

Source: Press Release