Date: 21st March 2001

Tarantino Pens Pulp Prequel

QUENTIN TARANTINO is set to resurrect the stars of PULP FICTION (1994) in a prequel to his 1994 hit movie.

The hip director is currently writing the follow-up to the cult classic, which starred JOHN TRAVOLTA, SAMUEL L JACKSON and BRUCE WILLIS.

Provisionally titled THE VEGA BROTHERS, the prequel is thought to be based on the characters of VINCENT VEGA - played by Travolta in Pulp Fiction - and VIC VEGA - played by MICHAEL MADSEN in Tarantino's earlier film RESERVOIR DOGS (1992). Both actors are expected to appear in their original roles.

The film should begin production next year (01), after Tarantino finishes his current film, GLORIOUS BASTARDS (2002), a WORLD WAR II epic being shot in France. (KW/WNWPNE)

Source: WENN



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