Date: 14th April 2001

Buscemi Stabbed, Vaughn Jailed After Bar-Room Brawl

RESERVOIR DOGS (1992) star STEVE BUSCEMI is in hospital, and SWINGERS (1996) star VINCE VAUGHN in jail after a bar-room brawl at the FIREBELLY LOUNGE in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Buscemi had joined Vaughn and screenwriter SCOTT ROSENBERG at the bar during a break from filming JOHN TRAVOLTA's new movie DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE (2001).

Wilmington local TIMOTHY FOGERTY, 21, has been arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon after he allegedly stabbed Buscemi in the head, throat and arm in the early hours of yesterday morning (12APR01).

The FARGO (1996) star was taken to New Hanover Regional Hospital in critical condition and was later discharged and flown to New York.

Sources on the set of the movie claim, despite initial concerns, Buscemi's injuries were minor and the actor is expected back on the set on Monday (16APR01). Police say the fight broke out around 2.30 a.m local time, after Fogerty had made comments about wanting to "slice someone."

OFFICER CRYSTAL WILLIAMSON says, "From what witnesses say, he provoked the fight." Williamson says that when Buscemi, Vaughn and Rosenberg were leaving, the fight broke out. Vaughn, 31, and Rosenberg, whose credits include CON-AIR (1996) and the new SPIDER-MAN (2002) movie, were arrested and held on $600 (400) bail. Both are due in court in June (01). (KL/WN/NFA)

Source: WENN



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