Date: 22nd March 2001

Stiles' Latino Love

Movie star JULIA STILES is determined to make herself "more Latino" - because she has fallen in love with a young Mexican.

The 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU (1999) actress won't talk about her boyfriend - reportedly the son of her COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY soccer coach - but she admits he fits the bill as her perfect match - because she loves Latinos.

She explains, "I have a thing for Latinos. If I'm walking past a guy and I hear something in Spanish, I'm like, 'Wait a minute...' "I want to be quasi-Latina or something. There are girls on my floor who teach me how to salsa and merengue and I've become fixated on becoming fluent in Spanish. My New Year's resolution was to watch the Spanish channel every day!" (KL/RS/CPT)

Source: WENN