Date: 7th March 2001

High School Movie Othello Pot On Hold In Wake Of Shootings

The release of TIM BLAKE NELSON's modern day version of SHAKESPEARE's OTHELLO has been hit by yesterday's (5MAR01) high school shootings in San Diego, California.

The movie, which stars JULIA STILES, JOSH HARTNETT and MARTIN SHEEN is a high school adaptation of the Shakespearean tragedy which ends with four characters brutally killed, one wounded and others left standing around asking why the tragedy has occured. Blake Nelson has titled it O and it was first screened for movie executives in June 99, a little more than a month after the COLUMBINE HIGH SCHOOL massacre, America (APR99).

Now the movie, which was scheduled to appear in American cinemas on April 27 (01), has been put on hold once again while the production company waits for a more appropriate time to launch it. ELIZABETH CLARK, head of publicity for DIMENSION FILMS said yesterday, "We are not commenting on the release of the film, given the unfortunate incident that occurred today. "What happened there is a very serious issues. The release of our movie is minor in comparison. We extend our sympathy to the families of all the children involved." (LE/DV/RP)

Source: WENN