Date: 7th January 2001

Julia Stiles' Racy Reputation

JULIA STILES had a reputation for being a sexy lap top dancer at university - thanks to her movies.

Stiles decided to freeze her film career while she continued her studies at America's Colombia University - but much to her father's distress, she was notorious at the university before she even arrived there.

She says, "My dad is really over protective of me and he was hauling my bags up the stairs, and he wouldn't really leave me alone. "Most of the kids at school have seen 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU and I did a table dance in that movie and that's what most kids remember about it. "So this kid, was like, 'Hey, your table dance is on my screensaver', and my dad almost started having a heart attack, like, 'You are not getting in my daughter's pants young man'." (SVD/WNV/KW)

Source: WENN