Date: 20th March 2001

Sadomasochism Holds No Fears For Heather Graham

HEATHER GRAHAM is set to shock fans in her new film Killing Me Softly (2001)

The movie which co-stars JOSEPH FIENNES features rough sex, public sex and sadomasochism. Censors have yet to decide on whether on which certificate the movie will need.

Heather, 30, says, "Some people were telling me that perhaps I should not do such a darkly erotic film, but I have to accept that this stuff just interests me. "I like to think I am comfortable with my own sexuality. It is a risk, but I have become braver with each film so far."

Fiennes spent seven solid days in bed with the Hollywood siren simulating sex for the film due out in April (01). He says, "
It is very passionate and very physical. He falls in love with Graham's character, and their relationship is excessive to the point of becoming dangerous. "She leaves her boyfriend, they marry quickly and the sex becomes darker and very adventurous. "She then starts getting obscure letters, saying that he has killed previous girlfriends and also raped someone. "So, is this complicated man a murderer and a rapist?"

Fiennes portrays climber, ADAM TALLIS, who dumps his wife after meeting ALICE LOUDON (Graham) at a pedestrian crossing in London. Later that evening they end up in bed together. (JD/WNV/PDD)

Source: WENN