Date: 27th November 2000

Aniston Marriage Worries

BRAD PITT and JENNIFER ANISTON have hit their first marriage crisis just four months after their lavish Malibu ceremony - and it's all thanks to British actress CATHERINE McCORMACK.

The pretty BRAVEHEART star, who split from boyfriend JOSEPH FIENNES earlier this year (00), has prompted FRIENDS star Aniston to leave her Los Angeles home and jet to London and Budapest, Hungary, to keep an eye on her husband - after reports that Pitt was flirting with his latest co-star got back to her.

Filming THE SPY GAME in London was the longest period Pitt and Aniston had spent apart since their July (00) wedding. A source says, "Jennifer aimed to make sure that Brad wasn't tempted by Catherine McCormack. "Catherine is a flirty and Jennifer's fearful of Brad and his co- star getting a little too close for comfort."

Other insiders claim Brad is complaining Aniston's relentless love is smothering him. An insider says, "
The honeymoon is over. They're still deeply in love, but Jennifer just can't get enough of Brad and he wants somes peace. Believe me things aren't all smiles anymore."

And the situation is made worse by Aniston's jealously over Brad's female fans, "
When he's staying at hotels in other cities, his fans bang on his door." Jen has told pals, "Brad doesn't understand when I break down and cry. He thinks that I'm being hysterical and too possessive. He thinks I'm suffocating him and that makes me feel even worse."


Source: WENN



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