Date: 21st January 2002

Barrymore And Graham Smooch As DiCaprio Watches

DREW BARRYMORE enjoyed a steamy nightclub kiss with fellow Hollywood starlet HEATHER GRAHAM - as actors LEONARDO DiCAPRIO and TOBEY MAGUIRE looked on. CHARLIE'S ANGELS (2000) star Drew forgot about her recent divorce to comedian TOM GREEN as she passionately locked lips with the sexy BOOGIE NIGHTS (1997) actress - shocking fellow revellers at Los Angeles' trendy AD club.

A witness says, "Drew and Heather were kissing each other for a quite a while. It was French kissing - they were clearly using tongues. They were laughing and joking. They kept touching each other. People couldn't believe it. It was a very erotic scene. A lot of male clubbers couldn't take their eyes off them. "

The recent saucy coupling follows reports Green split from Barrymore in December (2001) harbouring fears his wife of six months is strongly attracted to her own sex. (CPT/WNTSP/KW)

Source: WENN