Date: 9th March 2001

Farrah's Pot-Smoking Son Wrecks Gala

FARRAH FAWCETT's appearance at a grand gala in Austria was wrecked by her son REDMOND's pot-smoking.

Millionaire RICHARD LUGNER paid the former CHARLIE'S ANGELS star $50,000 (33,333) to appear at the VIENNA OPERA HOUSE ball last week (ends02MAR01), but the actress stormed out after learning her troublesome son was smoking "joint after joint" while she met guests.

It was originally felt 54-year-old Farrah left the event upset by protests from women's rights groups prior to the glitzy gala. But it was her 16-year-old's drug problems that made her leave.

Photographer UDO SCHREIBER who was covering the event for a local newspaper, says, "Redmond seemed pretty confused. I approached him and he snarled at me to go away." Lugner admits, "Farrah was very beautiful and charming. She brought her son with her because he's had drug problems in the past and she likes to stay close to him." (KL/NE/RP)

Source: WENN



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