Date: 28th September 2000

Curse Of The Angels

The constant fights on the set of CHARLIE'S ANGELS are no surprise to the original Angels - the TV show brought them all bad luck.

The 'curse' that haunted the three private investigator beauties was difficult to escape - fabulous FARRAH FAWCETT became caught up in violence and drugs, KATE JACKSON has had three failed marriages, fought breast cancer and undergone open heart surgery, while JACLYN SMITH has had three failed marriages.

The big-screen version of the cult TV programme has been dogged by reports of vicious in-fighting between stars DREW BARRYMORE, CAMERON DIAZ and LUCY LIU.

ALLY McBEAL star Lucy complains of being treated like a "poor relation", and says NEVER BEEN KISSED star Drew is "bone idle".

The arguments nearly drove co-star BILL MURRAY who plays the Angels's liaison JOHN BOSLEY to quit the project.


Source: WENN



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