Date: 5th November 2000

Farrah Warns Ex Off Hurley

Original CHARLIE'S ANGEL, FARRAH FAWCETT, is warning her ex-lover, STEVEN BING, to beware his new flame LIZ HURLEY's gold-digging ways.

The bitter ex has suggested to the real estate millionaire that Hurley left former lover HUGH GRANT because he wasn't rich enough, according to American tabloid THE GLOBE. A pal says, "Farrah feels sure Liz is looking for a rich husband." The veteran actress, who dated Bing for almost a year, isn't the only ex still close to Liz's new man - friends say SHARON STONE has also been warning the real estate tycoon.

But both actresses deny they're secretly warning him off Hurley. A source says, "They both think he's a swell guy and they don't want to see him get burned."


Source: WENN



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