Date: 26th February 2001

Harrelson Exposed

CHEERS star TED DANSON spent his career in the hit TV comedy trying to beat co-star WOODY HARRELSON - at anything.

The comic actor, who played barman SAM MALONE in the much-loved show, says the only time he ever got the better of the NATURAL BORN KILLERS star was when he exposed him in front of a TV audience. Danson says, "Woody was the guy on the set that you wanted to beat at anything, because he was so good at everything. "So one day, there was a scene where Woody jumps on the table and says, 'May I have your attention?' to a bar full of people and a studio audience. And all day long he'd been kind of annoying the rest of us because he was wearing sweat pants and obviously no underwear! "So he jumped on the table and said, 'Can I have your attention?' and whoops, I pulled his pants down!"

But Danson admits Harrelson soon got his revenge, with the help of co-star KIRSTIE ALLEY. He recalls, "Three months later, I'm taking a shower and the door comes open and Kirstie takes a polaroid and catches me in all my glory!" (LE/WNV/CPT)

Source: WENN