Date: 7th April 2001

Woody Harrelson To Promote Wholesome Living

WOODY HARRELSON is set to embark on a mammoth bike ride and five- and-a-half week tour - to promote "simple organic living."

MONEY TRAIN, The (1995) star will journey with friends on a hemp and vegetable-powered bus he calls the MOTHERSHIP from Thursday (12APR01), beginning with a speech at the UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON.

The former CHEERS actor will pedal alongside the vehicle during the 1,500 mile (2,414 kilometres) trip from Seattle, Washington, to Los Angeles, California, camping at state parks along the way and promoting "ecological reform" and "the need for people to wrench themselves from the corporate grid."

The speaking tour - produced by the SPITFIRE FOUNDATION - will end in Los Angeles, though a date and venue are yet to be set. (RGS/LAT/KW)

Source: WENN