Date: 23rd February 2001

Julia Roberts Too Scared To Have Children

Actress JULIA ROBERTS refuses to have children yet - because she's still haunted by the death of her father WALTER.

Friends say the PRETTY WOMAN beauty has never fully recovered from the death, which happened when she was just 10 years old. A pal says, "Julia loves children. But she'll never forget what happened to her as a kid when her dad died. "She doesn't want any child to have to endure what she did. It's always been a great fear and it's never far from her mind. It haunts her and has left a real scar."

Julia has revealed her worries to JILL BROOKE for the book DON'T LET DEATH RUIN YOUR LIFE. The star says, "
When you lose a parent as a young person, it takes away that dreamy quality of life that kids should be allowed. You are forever changed. "I can remember a whole period of time when I felt a lot of confusion which was just being peeved. It had a profound impact on my life." Brooke says, "It's very difficult to inflict the potential of that pain on another child." (MB/TG/RP)

Source: WENN



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