Date: 24th August 2001

Julia Roberts Falls For Married Man

Movie queen JULIA ROBERTS has stunned Hollywood by running off with a married man. The PRETTY WOMAN (1990) star is said to be having an affair with cameraman DANNY MODER, who has dumped his wife VERA.

She has told friends, "I'm really in love again, and I don't care if my man is married. " A friend of Danny's says, "Vera suspected something was up when she discovered a phone bill listing many calls between Danny and Julia. But when she confronted him, he just brushed it off. Danny said, 'Do you think I'm having some sort of affair with Julia? What would Julia want with me?'"

The friend continues, "At the time Vera bought it, because she wanted to. Julia and Danny are agonising over the relationship and the people they're hurting along the way. " (ACW/WNTST/KMW)

Source: WENN