Date: 17th February 2001

De Niro Demands New Wardrobe

ROBERT DE NIRO has demanded a new wardrobe on the set of his latest film 15 MINUTES - because his designer outfits were too fashionable for his role as a New York homicide cop.

When movie consultant STEPHEN DAVIS, who is a real-life homicide policeman, insisted Deniro look more like him, the RAGING BULL star quickly requested a new wardrobe of cheaper clothes.

The actor was so determined to look like the technical adviser that he even borrowed his loafers for the film. Director JOHN HERZFELD says, "The costume designer had picked out some wardrobe that included some nice suits and ties. "De Niro looks at Stephen, and he's wearing a sports jacket, golf shirt and khaki pants." (KL/U/RP)

Source: WENN