Date: 17th September 2001

Ed Burns: Stars Should Stop Moaning

EDward BURNS can't understand why Hollywood stars get angry when stories about them turn up in the pages of newspapers and magazines. The star, whose new movie SIDEWALKS OF NEW YORK (2001) has been put on hold because of the terrorist attacks, says movie legends only need to step out of the limelight if they don't want the attention.

The 15 MINUTES (2000) star says, "If that stuff really bothers you so much, you should go do regional theatre. Go do CHEKHOV in Iowa. No paparazzi will be following you. " But the actor, who wrote, directed, produced and took a role in SIDEWALKS, admits he doesn't get too much attention from the paparazzi.

He says, "I get great tickets to Knicks games and get to go to nice restaurants, but it's not like I'm LEONARDO DICAPRIO with paparazzi following me. " (BRC/WNWCGG/IG)

Source: WENN



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