Date: 12th February 2001

Johnny Depp's Confusion Over His Daughter's Sex

Hollywood hunk JOHNNY DEPP was so convinced his daughter LILY-ROSE was going to be a little boy - he was sure she was deformed when she was born.

Depp, 37, admits his first reaction as he watched Lily-Rose come into the world was panic - that she was missing the male genitalia he was expecting to see. He says, "The whole time Vanessa was pregnant I thought we were having a boy. I don't know why - it's not like I was wishing for one, it's just what I thought we'd get. "And even when she arrived and you could see what was happening, for the first split second I thought, 'There's my son, oh my God, how beautiful, my baby, my son...where's his c*ck?' "It took me a minute to realise that everything was okey dokey." (SVD/ML/PDD)

Source: WENN