Date: 16th May 2001

Johnny Depp: I'm Not The Marrying Kind

Movie hunk JOHNNY DEPP has no interest in marriage - he can show a woman he loves her without walking down the aisle.

The SLEEPY HOLLOW (1999) actor admits he was put off the idea of holy matrimony by his failed marriage to make-up artist LORI ANNE ALLISON and his engagement break-ups with actresses WINONA RYDER, SHERILYN FENN and JENNIFER GREY.

He says, "Marriage often turns out to be everything but love. A lot of my contemporaries get married at the drop of the hat, but I take it more seriously. "

Johnny is currently enjoying a blissful relationship with French singer VANESSA PARADIS, and the couple have a daughter, LILY-ROSE. He adds, "But don't assume that not marrying her means I don't love her. I love Vanessa. " (RP/H/NFA)

Source: WENN



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