Date: 1st May 2001

Depp's New Hairy Role

JOHNNY DEPP will wow fans with a series of amazing haircuts in his new film BLOW (2001).

Depp sports 23 new hairstyles for his 40 year portrayal of GEORGE JUNG, one of the world's biggest drug traffickers. His styles include a BEATLES style mop top, DENNIS HOPPER handlebar moustache and curtains, JON BON JOVI rock mullet and a greying MICK JAGGER bird's nest.

The star had a small army of hair stylists working with him throughout his scenes. Cinema-goers in America also saw the star, partner of VANESSA PARADIS, don a whole selection of outrageous clothes during those periods. His transformation from chilled teenager to mentally disturbed sixty year old amazed producer GEORGIA KACANDES.

He says, " He really got Jung's body language, he even started to look like him in a weird way. "There was a whole subtle shift in Johnny between the time George is in his prime to when he is actively deteriorating under the stress and doing too much coke. "His body just collapses into itself. He physicalizes the role without make-up or wardrobe. It's all in his psyche." (JD/WN/KW)

Source: WENN



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