Date: 8th February 2001

Divorce, Hollywood Style

Less than 48 hours after it was announced that Hollywood's golden couple, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, had decided to separate, Cruise filed for divorce Wednesday citing irreconcilable differences. The break up instantly ignited international gossip, with some entertainment magazines rushing to get out cover stories about the split in advance of normal publication dates. Several articles speculated that Kidman's desire to raise their two adopted children as Catholics conflicted with Cruise's commitment to Scientology. (Scientology lawyers reportedly were instrumental in initially arranging the adoptions.) Gossip columnist Liz Smith peppered her column with some of the current rumors about the break-up, then commented: "I would give all my natural blonde hair for the real exclusive on this story. Just when you think the gossip field has run dry, gotten a bit tedious, there is always something new to wake us up."

Source: Studio Briefing