Date: 25th November 2000

Melanie's A Goer

Wacky director JOHN WATERS knew MELANIE GRIFFITH would be perfect for his new film - because she's no snob.

The WORKING GIRL actress plays film diva HONEY WHITLOCK in the SERIAL MOM director's bizarre new offering, CECIL B. DEMENTED - and the character she plays is a far cry from the Hollywood style Melanie usually displays.

The actress is required to shoot cops, denounce the star system that made her famous, and finally set fire to her hair - but Waters knew she's be up for it.

He says, "I'd recently seen Melanie in ANOTHER DAY IN PARADISE. She shot up in her neck - and other places. I thought... well, she's taking risks. Setting fire to your hair is mild compared with injecting heroin into your jugular. "And I'd met her before. I knew Melanie wasn't a snob. You can't be in rehab like Melanie and be a snob."


Source: WENN