Date: 4th November 2000

Jude's Wife Says No To Fur

JUDE LAW's wife SADIE FROST is shopping for a new wardrobe now her baby bump has disappeared - but she refuses to compromise her morals for fashion.

The actress, who gave birth to baby daughter IRIS last week (26OCT00), has slimmed down to her pre-pregnancy weight within days and is already out and about shopping for new clothes. But despite falling in love with a fur-collared cardigan in Los Angeles' swish FRED SEGAL fashion boutique, she refused to make a purchase because it was real animal fur.

A fellow shopper says, "She really liked the outfit and kept asking the shop assistant if they had any like that but not in real fur. "But when she was told that was the only option, Sadie refused to buy it, walking out of the store empty handed."


Source: WENN