Date: 5th March 2003

Sadie Frost reveals fear of marriage split

Sadie Frost has spoken about her marriage to Jude Law and admits she's petrified of being a single mum.

In a new TV documentary, she describes the last few months of her troubled marriage and how she longed for a reconciliation with Law.

The BBC documentary was filmed before the couple reportedly split for good last month.

In the programme, due to be broadcast on Thursday, Frost says: "I come from a family where my own parents split up three times.

All I've ever wanted is to be normal and to be a good parent in an environment that is loving and nurturing.

"I find it terrifying I would have to go through being a single parent."

At the time of filming, she added: "It would be such a heart wrench for me if my marriage didn't work out."

Source: Press Release