Date: 29th October 2000

Jealous Guy

Hollywood beauty CAMERON DIAZ has been banned from appearing in a steamy new movie - by her green-eyed boyfriend.

Jealous JARED LETO, who has been dating the CHARLIE'S ANGELS star for two years, put his foot down after hearing Cameron was due to shoot a nude scene with her former lover MATT DILLON.

Film bosses had offered her $15 million (10 million) for the role in STUCK NOWHERE, but were left stumped after she pulled out.

A friend says, "Jared was upset at the thought of Cameron sharing a bed with Matt again, even for a movie. He wouldn't change his mind and just couldn't stomach the idea". She adds, "She must be seriously in love to turn down that sort of money to keep sweet with her boyfriend."


Source: WENN



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