Date: 20th February 2002

Diaz's Self Humiliation

CHARLIE'S ANGELS (2000) star CAMERON DIAZ has a foolproof method of luring men into her clutches - she makes them laugh at her. The 29-year-old actress, who has amused fans in hit movies like There's Something About Mary (1998), has always been able to charm the opposite sex by showing she's prepared to have a giggle at her own expense.

Diaz, who's currently dating actor JARED LETO, says, "I think the secret is trying to be charming. I always try to make a man laugh, and usually it's by making fun of myself. I really love laughing at myself. I think if you're able to laugh at yourself, you're actually liberated from any sort of insecurity and can completely let go. " But she adds, "I don't like laughing at other people unless they're in on the joke. "

Source: WENN



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