Date: 27th October 2000

Quaid Defends Meg

Movie star DENNIS QUAID has called New York gossip queen LIZ SMITH to defend his estranged wife MEG RYAN's mothering qualities.

The couple, who have a son JACK, are currently going through divorce proceedings following Ryan's summer affair with PROOF OF LIFE co-star RUSSELL CROWE, but Quaid is determined to remain supportive of his wife in the light of tabloid reports questioning her qualities as a mum.

Speaking to NEW YORK TIMES columnist Smith, the actor said, "I won't stand for any criticism of Jack's mother. "The reasons for our breakup are private and complicated - just like anybody else's. This is not a daytime soap, it's real life, and Meg and I are real people. "My family has always been the most important thing to me. This has been a very difficult time, but Meg and I are on good terms. We are co-operating and have co-ordinated ourselves in regard to our son. She's a great mom - loving, caring, nurturing. Anything else is a malicious lie."

And Quaid admits he has never heard of the so-called friends who are making comments about his life with Ryan in the press. He adds, "I'm amused, in a frustrated kind of way, at people who contribute to stories about us, claiming to be best friends. Neither Meg nor I have ever heard of these people."


Source: WENN



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