Date: 26th December 2001

Incest Storyline Cut From Meg Ryan's New Movie

Upset movie critics have forced bosses at Mirimax to cut a baffling incest theme from new romantic comedy Kate & Leopold (2002). The movie, which was released in America on Christmas Day (25th December 2001), has been trimmed after critics announced they'd slam a loose incest storyline between MEG RYAN and Liev Schreiber.

Top reviewers Robert Ebert and Richard Roeper complained about the implication of incest - a suggestion that Ryan and Shreiber's characters, who play lovers, are genetically related - and that portion of the movie was removed.

Miramax spokesman Dennis Higgins says, "What we thought was an interesting plot point was misinterpreted by audiences, who focused on that more than we imagined. It made people uncomfortable. " (KL/LAT/NFA)

Source: WENN